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I was at Matilda too! I thought Brooklyn was great; her voice is incredible!
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she was amazing!!!!!

+ Review Time! Matilda (9/20/14 Matinee feat. Brooklyn!)

Okay so I saw the show yesterday and it was my first time not seeing it with my cousin as Matilda. I can’t lie, I was secretly hoping that I’d be able to see Brooklyn or Tori, and I was super stoked when I saw Brooklyn’s name on the board! It was also my first time seeing the show with all the new kids! I was with a bunch of friends from college who had never seen the show before, so that was fun and interesting. But anyways, on with the review!

I sat in the last row in the balcony (the first 3 times I saw the show I was in the Mezz twice, and the front row of the balcony once.) Miracle was amazing, as usual (my favorite routine to watch, I absolutely LOVE that song and the choreography is hilarious to me). I saw Mitchell as Bruce, Ava as Hortensia, Bea as Amanda, Ted as Nigel, Grace as Lavender, Christian as Eric, Alexa as Alex, and Timothy as Tommy. They were TOO CUTE omg. Mitchell has a killer voice, and his acting was incredible too! Grace was super in the role of Lavender (I think I might actually like the way she plays the role more than Freanie). It was a bit strange to see Ted as Nigel, but after a few minutes, it seemed totally natural! The coat scene was so cute, he played it with such innocence. There was a tiny touch of sass in there, too! I was so happy to see John Arthur Greene back in as the Doctor, he was amazing, as usual. And he did this great riff thing during Miracle which was totally awesome and I was like “go you, with that spontaneity!”

Then Brooklyn came out, and man, was she cute! She looks JUST like my cousin on stage, it was very cool. But, she played the part in a lot of different ways than Sophia. She played it like she was really trying to hold back all the hurt she was experiencing in the first act, and by the second act, she began to play it a bit like Sophia - stoically and closed in. She plays the part very scared of her father in the first act. Right before Naughty, when her father is backing her down the hallway to her room, she tenses up her body and looks so scared. Then again when Mr. Wormwood rips up her book, she sounded absolutely terrified when she says “No, stop! Please don’t!” The way she progressed through the show was just incredible to watch. She started a few beats too late when she came out for Miracle, but quickly recovered and got right into the part. I was so worried that she would mess up somewhere because she’s so new, but I was absolutely wrong. She nailed the part, had no jumbles or mess-ups anywhere, and sounded great doing it! She has the CUTEST little lisp and just such a cute voice in general. The accents are much better than the last batch of newtildas (I still miss the real british accents but honestly I’m not complaining, these were so much better than before). When she says “You could pretend you’re an elf!” she sounded so adorable omg. Okay the CUTEST part of the show was when Bruce comes out wearing the “I’ve been to the Chokey” sign right before tSoR. and when Brooklyn came out and stood next to Bruce, she tugged on his shirt and mouthed to him “Are you okay?” with the most genuinely concerned and saddened look in her eyes and mY HEART LITERALLY BROKE IT WAS SO CUTE. I loved the way she paced herself through the stories! (Also it was great to see Karen back as Ms. Phelps!)

Matt was great as Mr. Wormood! He reminded me more of Gabe than JAG in the part, but certainly put his own twist on it. Alex played Michael SO much differently than Taylor, he was like super aggressive and loud. For me, it was a bit jarring because I’m so used to the slow stupidity Taylor gave to the part, I think. Geoff sounded great as the escapologist escape artist!

Alison Luff sounded JUST like Lauren when she first came out, but honestly, I think she’s my favorite Ms. Honey, she played the part in such a phenomenal way. She played it so incredibly fragile. The entire time she was singing “My House” it sounded as though she was trying to convince herself of what she was saying. She looked so scared when Matilda figured out that her aunt killed Magnus, and Brooklyn seemed so frustrated that she could be so weak by the end of that scene. Their chemistry was just incredible, and the song brought me to tears because of how Alison sung. 

And lastly, Chris Sieber as the Trunch. He. Was. AMAZING. I really, really loved how he played the part! He put his own twist on it, but I thought he did an incredible job! He was my 4th Trunch (Bertie, Craig, Chris Hoch, and now Chris Sieber) and he was definitely my favorite after Bertie. 

OH and then after the, I stagedoored for the first time. (I mean, I waited near the stagedoor to see my cousin the first 3 times I saw the show, but never to get signatures). I got Lesli, Sean, JAG, Cassie Silva, Alex, Matt, and two others signatures! They were super nice and everyone told me they liked my shirt (I was wearing my Matilda shirt lol) and when Alex came over he was like “Oh! I love your shirt! Hey! I’m in that show!” and I was like “Oh, I thought I heard you were in that show!” and we both laughed and everyone was just really nice!

Overall, the show was AMAZING. Brooklyn was everything I had hoped, and more! I have audio from the show that I’ll be posting, so keep your eye out for that if you’re interested!

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