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if any of my followers have ANY wicked video bootlegs i would literally KILL for it

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Has anyone got the full video of Milly Shapiro because she was the only Broadway Matilda I didn't see. I've only seen her in the extra clips (School Song, Bruce etc) I really want to see her full show :)
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from what i know, there is not a full show of milly (i would KILL to see one, tho). just the scattered clips you’ve already seen. :(

Okay your tags "OMG SOPHIA THATS MY COUSIN" AND "ISNT SHE THE CUTEST" they're getting really annoying. I highly doubt she's your cousin and you're only saying she is for attention. You say it every time there's a picture of her. Literally. Every. Single. One. You're so annoying and rude. You just lost an active follower.
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if you had the balls enough to say this to my face you’d come off anon, but since you’re too scared, i suppose you can stay absent-faced

if you dont believe me, thats you’re prerogative. but just for show, im pretty sure sophia and her mother wouldnt let some random unrelated stranger give her a kiss right after the show:


also all the pictures i have of us from christmas must just be made up by your logic

…..just a thought…..

and telling me im being annoying and rude for being excited that my cousin - who i care a lot about and love to death - is on broadway, AND that she’s super adorable? funny, last time i checked, sending someone anon hate was rude and annoying……

but once again, if you want to be negative, i honestly couldnt give a shit if you’re gone. good riddance!

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